About Me

Hi everyone,

I’m Tori, a thirty-mumble year old from Ramsgate, Kent in the United Kingdom.

I have been happily married to my husband, Steve for three years (we’ve been together for six). I sometimes give him a hard time on my posts so I want it to be known that he’s actually a brilliant husband and a great Daddy to our girls. I feel very lucky.

I am the mother to two gorgeous daughters.

Our eldest (referred to in my blog as The Toddler) is Jessica Susan Skye. She was born on the 6th October 2013 weighing an eyewatering 10lbs 10! Luckily it was by emergency C Section in the end. She’s a bright, vivacious little girl who has an addiction to In the Night Garden and a tendancy to mischief.

The Toddler

Our second daughter is little Alexandra Anna Rose (Lexi). She is referred to in my blog as The Baby but she is growing so fast that I know that will be changing soon (sob!). Lexi was born on the 20th February 2015 weighing 8lbs 13. It was an elective C Section as we were expecting her to be bigger than her sister.

The Baby

The last two members of our family (and the most important according to them) are our cats Sunrise (Sunny) and Sunset (Seti).

Sunny is an elderly tortoiseshell who now spends most of her time asleep on anything you don’t want her to sleep on (the clean laundry for one!) Still, at 13 years old I think she’s earned the right to the little luxuries of life.

Seti is a young black and white cat that still seems to think she’s a kitten despite being four years old. Her favourite activities seem to be drinking from the toilet, pissing off Sunny and coming home covered in dust with an innocent expression on her face.

The Blog

This blog came about almost accidentally. Someone sent me a meme on Facebook. It really struck a chord with me so I decided to blog about the ups and downs of life with two girls, two cats and my poor long suffering husband. I like writing (I’ve kept a diary for 16 years now and both my Mum and my Nan were diary writers so I’m the third generation) and I figured it would keep me out of mischief while on maternity.

I go back to work in November but right now I’m enjoying my little hobby and to my astonishment, other people are enjoying it too.

So, to all of you. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback. I appreciate it.